On another side of my life I am an historian and amateur archaeologist as well as a cemeteryologist.  I compile data on old cemeteries and create books with the information.  I have completed my fourteenth cemetery book, Edward’s Cemetery in South Windsor, Ct and I am now working on my fifteenth book, the Gurley Cemetery in Mansfield, Ct. I take pictures of all the gravestones at a particular cemetery and cross reference them with a database of the people buried there.  I then identify the carvers of the stones from centuries ago.  Please click on the Cemetery link to view my latest books and you are welcome to purchase my books at the Buy Books Page using Paypal.

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On one side of my life I am an entertainer and singer-of-songs. I have been a troubadour for nearly all of my life and plan to continue on with my musical tradition for as long as there are people to listen.  Click on the Music link above to learn about Dave the Entertainer and listen to my music.​

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