A "Death's Head" stone carved by Thomas Johnson in 1727

Cemetery Bio

This is one of my favorite and oldest stones carved by William Stanclift in 1689 found in the Riverside Cemetery of Middletown.

The original "Hook-and-eye" man who was finally identified as Gershom Bartlett.

I have been researching cemeteries for many years, and I have become knowledgeable in identifying the gravestone carvers of the 17th and 18th century.  I identify these carvers in my books, for example carvers like Gershom Bartlett and Thomas Johnson.  I add example pages so that the casual observer will also be able to identify these early colonial artisans.  Up to this moment I have created books for fifteen cemeteries throughout Central Connecticut, including cemeteries in Farmington, Avon, East Hartford, Glastonbury, West Hartford, Canton, Middletown, Hartford, Norwich, South Windsor and Mansfield.  Currently I am working on the Gurley Cemetery in Mansfield, CT.  The cemetery is loaded with Aaron Haskins carved stones and one of my favorite carvers, Gershom Bartlett. 

Learn more at the Association for Gravestone Studies link at www.gravestonestudies.org

From time to time I will add pictures of cemeteries I am working on if I take a liking to the gravestone.